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The Dark Lord's Garden

a (nsfw) webcomic

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Name:The Dark Lord's Garden - a webcomic
Website:The Pantheon - my other comic
Posting Access:Select Members, Moderated
Community description:A webcomic. Not safe for work.

This is the new home of my second webcomic (The Pantheon being the first).

It concerns a technically-evil wizard named Dark Lord Khan who, as a second-generation Dark Lord, has observed the stupidity of the Dark Lord Code (*) first-hand and now does his best to steer clear of it. While keeping up appearances to keep his fellow evil wizards happy, of course.

Also to be found inhabiting his pleasantly-verdant fortress are his husband (a wolfman named Hrra), his apprentice (Keith), his brother-in-law's brother (who is a priest of the god Theo), his magic-proof guard (a beastman demon named Thrxasshdryl) and an entire village of little red imp demons, who keep the whole thing running. His sister, Lady Della, is also often seen about the place Doing Science.

Every now and then people have sex. They do that in the real world too, you know.

(*) You know the one. It involves capturing the hero and gloatingly enumerating your Evil Plan while pointing meaningfully to the self-destruct button on the Doomsday Device.

About the Content

As you can see from the icon above, this comic is rated "P" - Friends of Pippo only! That is to say, there will be willies, and their owners using them (usually with other owners of willies). If such things frighten you, run away now.

I have marked the journal itself "viewer discretion advised", but the individual entries are not censored. This is to save you from running up against an "are you sure?" page every time you try to move on through the story. With this comic, viewer discretion is always advised, especially in the workplace.

I've also put all the images behind cuts, so you should be able to subscribe to the community without seeing anything shocking. Double check when adding it to an RSS feed, in case the cut tags don't work.

Why Dreamwidth?

What is a webcomic doing on a text journal site, you ask? It's hiding from the baddies that attacked its Comicgenesis page. Hopefully it will have a bit more luck here. Once you're reading one entry, it's simple enough to click the "next entry" link to advance through the archive.
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